Sunday, November 13, 2011

2nd Batch of chicks to the Coop!

In my second back of chicks I have 3 7 week old chicks (White Crested Blue Polish, Welsummer, and Partridge Cochin) and i have 3 6 week old chicks (2 Buff Laced Polish, and an Easter Egger)  They went into the coop last night with the others!  When I went to check on them this morning they were all doing wonderful!  A lot of people say its hard to merge different flocks, but I have been introducing them from a very young age when they range in their outdoor pen.  There was very minimal pecking, but pecking is needed in order for them to establish a pecking order, and is just their way of communicating with each other.  I think my dad is happier then I am that the baby chicks are out of our basement then I am!

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